The subject of this review will be Uk Essay Writing Place. You’ve probably guessed it, they in the custom writing business. Their services include essay writing, academic essays, custom writing, personal statement, dissertation writing, research paper writing, coursework writing, article critique, homework writing and editing. Suffice to say, if you need anything written, they can do it. They hire freelancers all over the world but prefer graduate students from top universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Stanford.

Now that we’ve learned a thing or two about them, let’s start our review. First thing I’ve noticed was a large number of call-to-action buttons all over the page and a large “Contact us” box. Nothing out of the ordinary for a landing page.

Seeing how it’s an expert essay writing service in question, they put a lot of effort to show just how good they are. Right under their logo is a list of check boxes with their “100% plagiarism-free papers” guarantee, “Prices starting at $10 per page” information, etc.

Contact us box I mentioned earlier contains phone numbers for UK, USA, Australia. I like in particular “Chat Now” and “Call us on Skype” buttons.

There’s a service calculator you can use for calculating the cost of their service for your paper. I find it refreshing as most of such services require you to e-mail said service and wait for their response. There is also a list with several different crests, each representing one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  In my opinion, that’s a very nice touch.

After that follows a large quantity of text at the bottom of the page. I’d prefer if they had some graphics along with the text  to make that content easier to read. In the current state, you really need to be interested in their services to read through all six paragraphs. Seeing how I’m writing a review, I couldn’t just skip it. So, the text lists a lot of reasons why you should choose their writing service over others.

Under the “Contact us” box on the left is another list, a list of services. I noticed they are all clickable so I decided to check them out. At first, nothing happened so I though they had a redirect problem but then I saw that the URL changed to the service I clicked. After brainstorming a bit I noticed that the text changed and now it was listing reasons why I should choose them to write my homework for me. Homework being a service I clicked on before.  I’d prefer if both list of services and text were aligned so that you could see something changing. This way is confusing.

Under that list of services, is another list. This one shows graphical representations of various credit cards and verification services they support which is a very good way of presenting valuable information.

There’s a navigation bar at the top and the bottom of the page which is unusual for a landing page.

On the plus side, the page loads rather quickly, in spite of all those images. There are a few typos though, but every link I tested seemed to work as it was intended to.

If you’re looking to pay for an essay, I’d suggest you contact good folks at Essay Service without a second thought because clearly they know what they are doing.