I’ll be writing a review of It’s a company dealing in expert writing services and they’ll do pretty much anything that comes to your mind. So, let’s start.

After loading which was extremely fast, the first thing I noticed was a beautiful woman smiling back at me. I’m kidding of course, because the first thing I noticed was a well structured layout with lots and lots of  information and a banner emphasizing just how good their writing services are. Then I noticed that woman.

Most of the page uses a couple of different colors – dark grey, white and different types of red. They complement each other very well. What I didn’t like, however, is a large number of different colored graphics on the left side of the page.

Lets use their top navigation bar and check out other pages. Design of other pages is consistent with the homepage design which gives the impression of completion and wholeness, the only thing missing is that beautiful chick. There’s a sidebar on the left of each of the pages that I don’t like one bit, mostly because it doesn’t contribute to user experience. It leaves a tacky impression as there are simply too many colors.

There’s a neat FAQ page with a lot of interesting questions like What is authorization, Do you have discounts, etc. Granted, there are some useful things on that page as well, like “What happens if my paper turns out to be plagiarized?” and “What happens if I don’t like my paper?”.

Their Testimonials page is also a bit strange. Except for that annoying sidebar, there’s also a list of their previous customers with five-star grading system. Turns out all of their clients leave their site happy and satisfied with their service which is a bit odd to say at least. About us page is practically useless as it only contains three telephone numbers, along with that annoying sidebar.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a page I liked, despite that sidebar. It’s a How it works page. There’s also a FAQ section but neatly organized in segments, followed by a nice, little image for each of the segments. There’s also a video at the bottom of the page which I thought was a very nice detail, followed by another call-to-action button I actually didn’t mind.

I also noticed was a Limited time offer on top of the navigation bar so you should hurry if you’re looking to pay for an essay.

The site loads quite quickly which is great.  I did not find any typos or spelling mistakes within any of the pages, and I checked all the hyperlinks  and found that they all work as they should, i.e. there are no broken links.  There’s a meta tag for keywords which is no longer required as Google and Bing no longer use keywords in their search results but we can contribute that to overzealousness.  Technical  branding  is done on each page as it should be, and the logo is present on every page.

Overall impression is a very good one. This website could use some work, but maybe I’m just splitting hairs.